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Issue with setting up certificate authentication for wifi

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Hello All,

How my environment is setup:

I am currently trying to implement certificate based authentication for wifi. I have a domain controller (rfhc-DC1) I have a radius server (rfhc-radius) the radius server also has active directory certificate services installed to hand out certs. The wireless controller is a cisco 5700 wireless controller. Oh and the certificate is a self-made one.

I have setup another ssid with radius, except its mschap v2 username and password auth. (it works fine)


So I setup active directory certificate services and went through the process on the radius server. The pics uploaded is how I set it up. SO the radius server hands out the certificates fine. The wifi does not connect. Then I get this error message in event viewer on the radius server. Now I have played with every kind of setting possible. The only way it works is if I do ad authentication. Please help.

Here is how the radius server is setup.


Here is how the wifi profile is setup


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