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ccm client installation arguments and switches for Auto Client Upgrade?

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I would like some more background information for the auto upgrade about https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg699356.aspx from my fellow ConfigMgr noobs :)



Situation: I have all my customer clients running ccmclient version 5.00.7804.1000 (ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 without having a site server) and want to choose the best solution bringing all clients up to date (to ConfiMgr 1606).

SCCM (CB) is being implemented and all clients will connect/report to the site using AD discovery.


My first tests provide me with the situation only a forceinstall or an uninstall+install give a working automated install (return code 0) without doing complicated cleanups or wmi repairs. BTW, the Windows Embedded Write Filter state is not restored to "Enabled" since the ccm-client is controlling it's state and not turning it on because installation fails:


Problems without uninstall because auto upgrade doing it's job normally (AutoUpgrade?):

MSI: Setup failed due to unexpected circumstances

The error code is 80041002 (Client.msi exit with 1603)


Question(s): Where can I manipulate the Automatic Client Upgrade, since I cannot use ccmsetup.exe parameters/switches in the Client Push installation Properties?

Does changing or creating programs for the 'Configuration Manager Client Upgrade' package have any effect on the automatic process? After I create a package from definition, will it use this?. I'm guessing not because it's using a hidden package.

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