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Removable Media Not Working on Few Computers

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I'm running into an issue I just can't seem to get past. We are starting a 1:1 computer program here at my school and we just received roughly 500 laptops (Acer TravelMate B117-MP). Since they have no ethernet ports, I decided to just go ahead and image them with flash drives and then just join them to domain via wireless once they finish taking the image. We've gone through over a 100 machines so far and most have not have not had issues. However, I am running into a handful that just won't image. They boot up from the flash drive and then, once they get into the WinPE enironment, they simply restart back into the normal Windows. I did notice that if I brought up the command prompt just before it tried rebooting, it would stop rebooting so I was able to get a hold of the log file in the machine. Not sure why, but it has the error in it saying that

"There are no task sequences available to this computer.. Please ensure you have at least one task sequence advertised to this computer.
Unspecified error (Error: 80004005; Source: Windows)"

However, it is the only task sequence on the flash drive and I am not using any type of WMI queries on the TS, so it should just image the machine, regardless of why kind it is. I've attached to this the readout of the SMSTS.log file that I pulled from the machine. Anyone have any ideas on this one as I am becoming baffled at this point?


Thanks in advance for any advice...


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Thanks for the suggestion thadkew, but it was a no go. Even after making sure BIOS was correct, still wouldn't quite work for me. Think I'm just gonna have to call Acer and see if they'll send me a replacement unit. The laptop works fine otherwise, just can't seem to image it. Should be an interesting phone call...

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