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Failed Capture of Windows 10 Pro x64

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Hello, I have been tasked with using SCCM to create and launch windows images for a company that I work for and have had the pleasure of finally finding time to install and work with SCCM. This is my first time using it with no training and have hit a bit of a snag. I have been working on my issue on and off for about a week and half and have found your posts seem to come up all over the internet when searching anything SCCM.


SCCM 2012 r1 running on windows 2012 server. I have updated the x64 boot image to the settings I believe I will require, and used task sequence to create "capture Media"

I setup a windows 10 pro OS on a hyper-v VM running on my windows 10 pro desktop. It is not on a domain but it does have a few things installed such as adobe and Java. The OS is a fresh install from my VLSC portal.

When I ran the capture the first time I had a few errors because I over looked some network paths and permissions but I believe I have those all straitened out. The part I am trying to troubleshoot is the following error from the log.

[Failed to copy Y:\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD to C:\_SMSTaskSequence\backup-EFI\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD. 0x80070020]

If I mount the boot partition and check this out manually, it says the file is in use. I am completely lost and I am sure you will need more information but I thought it might be best to answer any questions you have so I am not filling up a page with useless information.


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Can you verify what version of ConfigMgr you have installed? you mention R1 but i'm not sure what version that's referring to


Before you can manage and deploy Windows 10 in your organisation, you need to update your ConfigMgr infrastructure.


You'll want at least SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 or SCCM 2012 SP2 to manage Windows 10. You'll need to apply R2 SP1 Cumulative update, and update your WinPE Images to the Windows 10 ADK.


Highly suggest installing Current Branch for SCCM - version 1606 if you're going to be managing and deploying windows 10 so you can deploy servicing plans and manage win updates.

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Thank you for the info and sorry I am just replying. I am very much looking forward to pushing forward with this however this is my "in my free time" project and seem to get a day every few weeks to dedicate myself to this. So I am only running SCCM 2012 R2, (R1 was a typo) I will look into 1606 and atleast install SP1 as recommended as well as the Cumulative updates, WinPE Images. Once I am updated and have anothe go I will update on my outcome. Thank you.

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