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Restore fails due to wrong version of files in cd.latest

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I am trying to test a restore on SCCM CB. It is failing with this message "ERROR: The install build version 5.00.8355 being used for recovery does not match the installed build version 5.00.8412 of the backup. "



The site is at 1606 - 5.00.8412.1000 (although the console is at 5.00.8412.1307 after installing the



Kb3184153 and kb3186654 updates).




The cd.latest in the backup folder is showing files dated 16/02/2016 and the setup.exe in cd.latest\SMSSETUP\BIN\X64 is 5.00.8355.100 which is 1602.



When the site was updated from 1602 to 1606 there were no errors shown but it appears that the files in cd.latest are the old version. The odd thing is that if I run the splash.hta from the cd.latest backup folder it shows the version as 1606 - maybe reporting the site version rather than the setup files version?





I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about how to get the cd.latest folder to update from 1602 to 1606?

Many Thanks

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