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Software install Producing a False Positive in the Execmgr log file

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Hello Everyone,


Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 R2 version 5.0.8239.1000


Basically I've setup an Office 365 2016 Package to Uninstall Office 2013 and then install Office 365 2016. Two weeks ago I put in about 60 client computers and had about 55 client computers successful and 5 machines there were not. Of the 55 that installed the packaged successfully there were about 5 client machines that were producing a false positive in the "execmgr log" file saying the install was successful, but Office 365 2016 was not installed anywhere on the machines. Another day or two went by and eventually these five machines all had Office 365 2016 installed on them.


Fast forward to last week on Thursday evening. I had another 60 client machines that I put into this very same collection that would uninstall Office 2013 and then install Office 365 2016 at 8 PM on Thursday evening and had till 8 AM on Friday morning to install. This time around I think there were only maybe 15 machines that successfully installed Office 365 2016.


The rest of the machines that finished uninstalling Office 2013 successfully, but then never actually installed Office 365 2016, but when you go to the execmgr.log file it shows that everything was successfully installed, If I were to connect to one of these client machines that produced a false positive. I'd see that Office 2013 was no longer there, but Office 365 2016 was no where to be found anywhere.


I've copied all the pertaining information into a new log file from a false positive client machine. Please see attachment.


Please help.




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According to your log file the installation has not started yet. The client is waiting for the content.

Execution Request for advert CCM20031 package CCM0006B program Installs Office 365 2016 state change from WaitingDependency to WaitingContent	execmgr	10/20/2016 9:11:06 PM	1524 (0x05F4)

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