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Can you add a condition / detection method in a TS?

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hey guys


I have a task sequence to install a very large bit of software. I created a package and put it into a TS to avoid cache problems


I have deployed it to a few hundred machines and a large chunk of them have failed due to a rebooting process


I will have to redploy those again, but it would be a pain to individually click each one to rerun advertisment ( with Now Micro Right click tools, I have only been able to do this for each machine individually)

I can create another collection of failed machines and deploy to those. But then my monitoring of what has been successful and unsuccessful will be out of whack and it will get messy


Is there a way to add a condition to the start of my TS to say. if you see these folders or files do not run the TS, if you do not see these files and folder, run the TS?

That way I can delete the deployment entirely and run it again and it wont run on the machines who already have the application


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Have you tried setting Registry checks options in TS.

If a certain Adobe CC registry key does not exist then run the TS if it does exist it should bypass as it will only run if registry key not exists.

Test it out first and take note that the key in below snippet is not an authenticate key, just an example so do not use! ;)


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My first initial test was to run if you detect a previous version application's exe file and its location . My test collection had 4 clients. 2 with the old version (2014) and 2 with the new version (2016)

Being a full adobe CC suite, often the installer has a chance to fail 3/4 of the way of 1/2 way so the reg key will exist but some applications might be missing. So this is why I think its better to detect one of the applications, and I know which applications get installed last


I have posted it in an image of my condition. Can you see anything wrong with it? Not sure why it did not work. What I want it to do is only run the TS if you detect the below file and path. My result was it still ran on clients that this path and file did not exist on



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