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So I managed to install the SCCM client on a workgroup computer also running server core - at least it looked successful. But the client has not registered with the site, and cannot locate the site if I try to punch it into the Config Manager control panel applet on the Site tab. (Error message: "Configuration Manager did not find a site to manage this client.") Full disclosure: I am using a PKI setup and a client certificate. The certificate is successfully installed. The root and intermediate certificates are installed in the proper computer stores.


I used this install syntax:


ccmsetup.exe /usepkicert /noservice /skipprereq:silverlight.exe SMSMP=https://myserver.domain.comSMSSITECODE=PS1 DNSSUFFIX=domain.com


Both ccmsetup and client.msi logs returned successful installs -- return code "0" at the end.


But the client doesn't show up in my site... and the CCM control panel Actions tab only has the two initial items in it, User & Machine policy refresh. How can I figure out what is preventing the client from fully communicating with the site? I also noticed the General tab makes no mention of PKI like normal clients do, that I've installed elsewhere successfully using certificates. The client certificate is "none" on this machine. But CCM client does not install if it cannot find a suitable certificate, so how could it install but say client cert = none?


In LocationServices.log I can see entries that there is access denied 0x80004005 failed to send information Location Request Message to <MP server name>. Hmm.

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I made two changes and then the client registered...


1. I removed a SRV record for _MSSMS_MP_<SITE>.domain.com that referred to port 80, and left only the record for port 443 since I am using HTTPS for the entire site, internal and external.


2. I setup a network access account in the site config. If this has any impact it implies the net access account is used for MP activity not just DP content? But it may be #1 that ended up solving the issue.

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