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powershell - wait for process to finish

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I have a script installing "LabView" from "National Instruments".

However the installer (setup.exe with parameters) is just starting a lot of other installers, and when I use SCCM and detection method the software goes to "installed" just after starting install, although it continues for another hour (!).

That is because im checking if a file is present.


How could I instead check for "when a process finish or exits then the software is installed"?



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try | Out-Null like so

write-host "about to install SQL Server 2016 SSMS..." -nonewline
$Parms = " /Install /Quiet /Norestart /Logs log.txt"
$Prms = $Parms.Split(" ")
& "$filepath" $Prms | Out-Null
Write-Host "done!" -ForegroundColor Green

it won't release the process until it's complete

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