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Verification of Critical Reboot TS Deployment Schedule

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Hey Guys / Niall -


I am making an important deployment today and wanted at least one other to review it to ensure it's correct before enabling :)


So for the next 2-3 weeks, I've been instructed to reboot thousands of workstations nightly with notification at 3:00am each morning. I already have a task sequence which executes a custom notification EXE which also offers delay options and more and once it exists then the system reboots successfully. When doing this previously, I was afraid that random reboots may occur so deployed the TS daily to be available the following morning at 2:59am, run at 3:00am, and end at 3:30am. So I don't have to remember to do this, I wanted to make a single advertisement.


I considered doing the above and advertising via PowerShell to create a specific deployment per day - however - I don't think that's necessary. Below is the schedule I am planning have for the task sequence to run every Monday - Thursday night (actually 3:00am Tuesday - Friday) for two weeks. Look ok to you or see any chance of issues? Just making 100% sure :)








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looks ok to me, but are all computers using the same timezone ?


have you tried condensing it (and speeding up testing) into a test run in a lab, by changing the 'weeks' into 'hours' for example...

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