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Windows 10 1511 showing as compliant in CB Servicing plan

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Hi everyone


We are having a weird issue, which I cannot see the reason why! - I have a Windows 10 Servicing Plan setup for CB deployment to a collection. The plan worked a few months ago when I put one machine into it (if i remember rightly)...


However we have just started to look into it a bit more and we're coming back with something odd. We add a machine into the collection, it is picked up by SCCM and shows in the deployment monitoring, but they show as compliant! - One machine is on 1511 and the other is on a very very old release, perhaps the first ever release to public.


I have trawled the forums and checked the prereq and post install tasks for previous SCCM updates, they look like they're all done. I found a couple of other forum posts with the same issue, but none which have a fix which works for us...


Any help would be much appreciated :)



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Update - I have now found that the servicing plan doesn't see the 1607 update... In the preview pane during Servicing Plan properties, if I remove the filters for Required and Name, a list of updates will come back all for 1511...


The 1607 update is listed in "All Windows 10 Updates" page, showing as downloaded and deployed...

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Finally seem to have sorted out the issue...


It seems once a release becomes CBB, it no longer is shown as CB! I guess Config Mgr assumes machines put into the servicing plan for CB will have updated by the time CBB is made live... Change my deployment to CBB and it all works!


Once my testing machines have upgraded now I will put it back to CB and await the next release

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