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I have problems with remote control. And I don’t understand why it’s working on some computers but others not. Under client settings I have enabled remote tools.



The agent on the client the Remote tools agent enabled.



The client with the problem:

Service: Configuration Manager Remote Control is disabled.



The local group: ConfigMgr Remote Control users are missing



The windows firewall are missing this:



If I enable and start the configuration Manager Remote Control service. I see this in the CmRCService:



If I try to start the remote control from sccm I get this message. All the client have the same client installed



I hope somebody can help me here. Thanks for your help.

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11 minutes ago, simulacra75 said:

Would it be possible that it's a GPO that's preventing the machines from receiving/activating the RC settings?

Not in my case.

For me only some Clients affected.

All of them (working and not working) are in the same OUs with same Win 10 OS. So they also have the same policies.

At the moment I'm investigating the Logs of two devices and hope to finde some differences/problems.

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10 minutes ago, TobiasM said:

Hello! Did you find a solution for this?

Currently I'm struggling with the same problem. Only some computers have the problem, all of them are installed with the same task sequence. Very strange.

Thank you!

Unfortunately no final solution, but I recognized that it has something to do with the client settings.

On some clients the "Remote Tools" Settings simply seems not to be applied correctly. The Group "ConfigMgr Remote Control Users" under Local Users and Groups is missing on the affected clients. That seems to be the reason why it's not possible to connect to the devices.

As a workaround, in that case I simply add the device to an collection with different client settings (different Remote Tools Settings) and force the client to download the Computer Policy. After this the "ConfigMgr Remote Control Users" should be automatically created. Now you can remove the client from the temporary collection and force Policy refresh again to get the correct settings.

It's not so nice but the workaround is working, at least for me.

I'm still not sure why this is happening. I think in our case only "reinstalled" devices (which already was connected to SCCM) are affected, new devices are always working.

We have about 20 different "client settings" for different locations and so on. I'm not sure if SCCM has a bug/problem to handle this number of different settings.

hope that helps some of you..

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Thank you! I've tried it and your solution is working.

We have had a separate Clients Device Setting for Remote Control which is deployed to "All Desktop and Server Clients". I had already tried to deploy this additional to "All systems", without any success.

Though we have one Remote Control Setting which is unique for every site, I now configured the RC settings just in the Default Client Settings and at the moment it seems to work.

Thank you for your support!!!

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Your client settings aren't in correct priority order or deploy to the correct collections in that case.

Easy way to tell this - find a failing machine, right click it in the console and select resultant client settings. This'll give you a hint as to which set it's applying.

20 sets of client settings sounds somewhat excessive :blink:

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The resulting Client Settings are correct in my case. They simply seems not to get applied correctly.

The different sets of client settings are a result of different locations with different permissions and so on.

I will try to "reorganize" the client settings at sometime. At the moment unfortunately I have no time to focus on that. I can live with the problem for now because only a few clients affected in our network.

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Has anyone found root cause or a solution to this issue? We're seeing this with SCCM 1902 when re-imaging existing workstations with Windows 10 1809. Two workarounds: delete the existing SCCM computer object BEFORE re-imaging or repair/reinstall the SCCM client after the imaging process.

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