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1607 In Place Upgrade Windows 10 SCCM TS

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i have begun doing in place upgrade Task sequence at my work. I have set all the models drivers in my task sequence to download and then transfer to a C:\drivers folder based on WMI query. This is working fine and the operating system is downloading as well. What is happening in the SMSTS.log is the task sequence will hang on "RUNNING ACTION: Upgrade Operating System" It hangs running this command and will not move forward and reboot. I am trying to figure out why this is happening. Should i remove the drivers from my task sequence. It will work fine on some workstations and will hang on others. This is the command it is hangling on for hours and hours and will not move forward :



Executing command line: "C:\_SMSTaskSequence\Packages\XXXXXXXXX\SETUP.EXE" /ImageIndex 1 /auto Upgrade /quiet /noreboot /postoobe "C:\WINDOWS\SMSTSPostUpgrade\SetupComplete.cmd" /postrollback "C:\WINDOWS\SMSTSPostUpgrade\SetupRollback.cmd" /installdrivers "C:\Drivers\MCS0033C" /DynamicUpdate Disable


This will just hold up the task sequence. I have tried to reinstall the SCCM Client. I am currently on 1606 and will upgrade to 1610 this weekend. But would see if anyone has any ideas why this is hanging. I have about 12 models with drivers and the drivers download just fine and the operating system files download just fine as well. Any help would be appreciated.



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My upgrade TS doesn't inject any drivers and I rely on the Windows 10 in-box driver store. There was a minor issue during the pilot with a touchpad driver for a particular set of laptop models but I just pushed out an application to those models to update before I rolled out the TS more widely. If you're particularly worried about driver compatibility, find out what driver versions are currently installed and check their compatibility with Windows 10. A lot of recent drivers seem to be supported on Windows 7/8.1 as well as Windows 10 so you might be ok. If there are any that aren't, set up some apps to update them, then roll out the TS without the driver install.

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