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SCCM 1606 build failing on in PXE Task Sequence

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Hey Guys,


This is oneof those very long stories which might take me several posts to try and explain in detail.


Essentially what my issue is:


On boot press F12 to PXE boot IP4 Lan Card.

WDS is detected and loads the Pre-Installation environment.


I see Task Sequences which have been setup and configured.


I created a TaskSequence with Win 10 Pro 64bit with Adobe Package installed.


When I click on Win 10 Pro Media Task Sequence it tries to tun for a second.

Then it fails and gives me the following error.


Error Message:


Failed To Run Task Sequence:


The Task Sequence failed to run because the program files for PPP000099 cannot be located on a distribution point. For more information please contact your system Administrator or Helpdesk Operator.


End of Error message:


So I am the poor Administrator trying to grapple my way around SCCM and the finer points of smoothing over ruffled feathers.


I have been trying to find a fix for this for the past few days without much success.


What I really need is a way to get a Step by Step on how I can resolve this frustrating problem. I understand it's a tall order but a guide would be nice.


Okay, so I can see under Task Sequences for "Win10 Pro Media" there is a Distribute content button.

WhenI check my Software Deployments for this Operating System Image I can see it's failing to distribute this package.


It says there is not enough space or permissions are wrong.

I have checked Folder path and directory permissions for SCCMAAA user has complete Administrator permissions.

Also I have freed up around 30Gb on E drive with Image Captures on it.


But I keep getting this error...with the Distribution Point Image failing to Redistribute.


I have tried to look for the SMSTS.log file but I can't locate it, where it's suppose to be.


Please Help....

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I have a question though.


One thing I am trying to understand in relation to how Task Sequences and Content /Deployment Libraries work.


Is that for example if I have several (x4) Task Sequences for The same Win 10 Pro Operating System Image which is around 17 Gb in size.


Does it mean that 17Gb is duplicated 4 times in the Deployment Package Library?


So that my 30 Gb of Space is not adequate and I need at least 100 Gb free if not 200 Gb to be safe?


Please let me know.

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Hi Sparkle,


Firstly, in answer to your question regarding space requirements for 4 Task Sequences with the same Windows image. No, only one copy of the Install WIM is stored on the Distribution Points which is used for any Task Sequences that require it.


Each Package, wim, application ETC has a Package ID which is used when referencing it. Each of the Task Sequences will check the Boundary Group Distribution Point for that Package ID, if it exists then it will use it. This removes the requirement for multiple copies of it for multiple uses.



In regards to your distribution issue, have you confirmed that the required ports are open from Site server to this distribution point? The ports are 445TCP, 135TCP/UDP and the RPC Dynamic ports and they will need to be From Site Server to Distribution point. Please see the Document here for more information: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sccm/core/plan-design/hierarchy/ports


Also, grab your PkgXferMgr.Log from SCCMInstallDrive\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Logs folder and upload it for us so we can take a look.


A couple of questions:


  1. Is the source directory for your content located on a file server or on the Primary Site Server locally?
  2. Has any other content distributed successfully or is this the first attempt?
  3. Is the distribution point with issues another server or the Primary Site server itself?

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