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I am looking for a way to mass deploy my task sequences. I have built about 30-35 task sequences for my various buildings and departments, now I need to deploy them so that all desktops have access. Normally I would deploy to the unknown computers collection and a Windows 7 only collection that I made, but that requires me to go through the deployment wizard twice per task sequence. With 30 to 35 TS's this will be quite time consuming. I am not able to shift click multiple TS's to deploy, so I am wondering id there is a script or another tool I can use to make the deployments. Thanks

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Hi JBudd,

How confident are you with PowerShell?

There is a command Start-CMTaskSequenceDeployment that you can use to achieve this. Do a ForEach loop to deploy each Task Sequenceto the Unknown Computers collection with your specific settings.

I don't have time to create the script now so let me know if you need any help and I'll see what I can do later on.

Technet help for cmdlet:

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