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Match Packages and Applications packages to IIS download link

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Good Morning everyone,


I'm looking for the simplest way to follow a package or application package once it's replicated to a DP. I'm looking to verify that that link works for any of my available packages. I know the SCCM 2012 resource kit has a tools to review all the packages on the DP but I'm looking for a more direct way in IIS.


I was able to figure out that packages have a virtual folder in DP iis which I could pull up as http://dpname/SMS_DP_SMSPKG$/PackageIDbut cant seem to find the same for application packages.


thanks in advanced.

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The Application Model is based on Deployment Content, which can be different for different Deployment Types, in the same Application. The URL for the Deployment Content can be constructed in a similar way as for packages: http://dpname/SMS_DP_SMSPKG$/%ContentID%.%Content Version%.

Content ID can be found in the console relatively easy but the version might be more tricky. Even if you can see in the Console a Source Version for the application, there are different versions for Deployment Types. It may be somewhere in WMI but I did not checked until now.

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