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Running SCCM 16xx in the cloud?

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I currently administer a single, on-premise, MP with ~60 local DPs spread globally. We have around 7500 devices and 4000 users.

At present the MP, SQL and foundations all live in the UK, and this is causing a bit of grief for our APAC sites, when pulling down TS policies for OSD etc...

We're needing/wanting to spin up a 16xx instance of SCCM anyway, but have been wondering if/how feasible a Cloud Based MP and feature rich site system server would be if based in Azure for example.

The rough plan would be...

MP (Azure VM, EMEA)
DB (Azure SQL, EMEA)
DP (Azure VM, 1 per region - EMEA, NASA & APAC)
Source Server (Azure VM)

We'd use the Azure Based DP's as "Push" DP's, to the 60 or so Local DPs we have globally.

The theory being this would alleviate the stress on our a Single UK DP as the "pusher".

Is SCCM ready for this kind of setup?
Is Azure ready for this kind of setup?

Does anyone else, do anything similar?

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Not supported. You could however have some sort of hybrid setup although you could run into many issues. A better option would be to simply stay on prem for your primary and DB. From my last experience with Azure Distribution points, you cannot assign them to boundary groups and they only act as a fallback. You cannot start a Task Sequence of a could DP for example. I can see this changing soon though, just not ready yet.

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