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SCCM CB 1610 Update Statistics Unknown

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Current config: Server 2012r2, SCCM CB 1610, SQL 2016 Std.

When I was running SCCM 2012r2, statistics for software updates showed for all updates. Now that I've migrated to current branch, I've yet to see any statistics for any of the updates. I get zero required, zero installed, zero compliant, unknown shows a number, and does show downloaded/deployed.

Installed roles: App catalog web service point, App catalog website point, Asset intel sync point, Component server, Distribution point, Fallback status point, Management point, Service connection point, Site DB server, Site server, Site system, Software update point, Stat migration point. Windows 10 and Office 365 servicing does identify installations and installed versions.

Am I missing an installed roll? Reporting? I've searched high and low, but nothing even close to point me in the right direction. I would greatly appreciate any help.

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Software update point is what is needed, have you configured the client settings so that the SCCM clients use SCCM for Software Updates? What is in the WUAhandler.log and Windows Update.log file on the client ?


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The WUAhandler.log  gave me all the answers I needed to correct my issue. I had changed the Windows Updates GP to point to my new SCCM server, but forgot to change the port number. As soon as I made the change and performed a gpupdate /force, the errors in the WUAhandler.log cleared up, and my console started to report the status.

Thank you!

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