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How can I forcefully upgrade Windows 7 or Windows 10 to the latest version of Windows 10 using System Center Configuration Manager (Current Branch)?

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On ‎2017‎-‎03‎-‎28 at 5:33 PM, anyweb said:


i was finally able to make this work but only after removing the section in the wrapper.vbs that checked for pending reboot.  For some unknown reason, it always detected that my test system had to be rebooted.

i also had to remove the section that checked for computer model.  We obviously don`t have the same models and i won`t be deploying it to systems that don`t support Windows 10 anyways.

Any insight on my first point above would be great though.  Thanks.

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9 minutes ago, anyweb said:

it works for me, I\ve tried both the PowerShell and a snippet of vbs code to test for reboot, can you please run it and check what it reports back ?

reboot required false.PNG


here\s the test script...



i get : Reboot Required ? Faux   (our systems are in french).  Then when i click "OK", i get a secound box that says "The Computer needs a reboot".

Could it be because your script is looking for the word "False"


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yup that's it ! mystery solved 

  If objSysInfo.RebootRequired = "False" then

i've rewritten it, it's a boolean operator, please try this code instead

  If objSysInfo.RebootRequired = False then

does it work ?


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