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Migrate SCCM (current branch v1610) to new server

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We currently run a SCCM (current branch - v1610) primary site on Server 2008 R2 and SQL 2014 (upgraded from 2008).  We also have about 10 distribution points at different remote locations pointing back to headquarters.  I have a brand new server that I loaded with Windows Server 2016 and joined to our domain, but I'm looking for best recommendations to migrating SCCM.

Note: Approximately 1,100 devices connected to SCCM.  At this point, we use SCCM for malware protection, Windows updates, and some application deployments.  Not much with regards to OS deployments or imaging ... yet.

Has anyone done something like this recently?  Any help or pointing in right direction would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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I recently completed a migration from an 2012 R2 hierarchy and didn't have any major issues. @BWin, unless you are just wanting to start fresh,  you can actually do an in-place upgrade to 2012 which is now supported by MS. I started with this guide and took the entire process one step at time. Both the new and old environments can co-exist so there's no pressure to cut everything over all at once. Are there any specific worries or hurdles?

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