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Has anybody seen this yet when deploying 1703 from SCCM? It seems to go through the TS fine but gets to here and when I press Next, it just keeps looping...

SCCM is on 1702 and I haven't made any other changes to my TS.


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Did u check if internet is available on the machine ?


Also what do u meant u have not done any changes to TS ?


Someone said group policies applied does  in this stage group policies setup to applied or not in the task sequence day blocking store n internet etc ? 


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i was getting this message too but it went away when i added the new admx files to the domain.


Spoke too soon.  It made it to the logon screen and i entered credentials and then... same message "Why did my PC restart"

Restarted and got "just a moment" message for 15 min then restarted and... "Why did my PC restart"

i will try this: https://www.windowsmanagementexperts.com/osd-issue-with-windows-10-1703/osd-issue-with-windows-10-1703.htm next


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