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SCCM 2012 network structure

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Hello bare with me as I try to explain a proposed network structure for SCCM 2012.  

I'm looking to see if what I'm proposing is correct, overkill or needs to be changed.

For the State of New Jersey

Currently we have just a primary server in our centralized location (middle of the state).  We are looking to push sccm out to all of our divisions across the entire state.  We have a northern and southern LATA where we plan on putting sccm servers.


my thoughts:

Redo create our central location with a CAS and have a Primary Site and DP coming off the CAS.

Northern LATA Primary with 2 DP's.

Southern LATA Primary with 2 DP's.


Do the North and South primary both point back to the CAS or would they be on their own?  

Ultimately I'd like to show this as a flow chart of some sorts.


Thanks and sorry if I missed anything or it's confusing.

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Unless you have 150,000 computer stay away from a CAS. If you only have 4 DPs there is no way you need a CAS, a single primary site will do the trick. Why as 4 DPs will handle 16,000 computers.

Keep in really simple one primary with 4 DPs, you are done.


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Agree with Garth - keep it simple if device limits are acceptable. Primary & DPs.

 Do the DP's need to point back to the Primary? 

In a SCCM hierarchy all site servers have to point back(communicate if this is what you mean) to the Site Server - CAS - Primary(s)-Secondary(s)-DP(s) so a COMMs link is required in order for systems in remote locations to successfully send back CM info to site server.

How will that be on bandwidth?

Ultimately depends on total amount of managed systems at remote locations requiring policies from PS. DPs can be throttled if required.

Install the MP, SUP on the DP's?

Again depends on amount of devices at remote locations and also the link type in terms of bandwidth.

If link is good then possibly no need for additional MP, SUP. That's a call you make yourself as you know the network.




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On ‎5‎/‎3‎/‎2017 at 0:03 PM, milisivana said:

One Primary at our central location and 2 DP's at the North and South locations?


How will that be on bandwidth? Do the DP's need to point back to the Primary? 

Install the MP, SUP on the DP's?

In general, it will have no effect on things, as the primary site will send  the same content as the DP. Keep in mind that DP now have sender addresses and therefore can be throttled.

IMO, if you network guys are concerned then they should setup QOS between the Primary site and each DP.


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