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Paul Andrews

Moving to another site code

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I've ran into a bit of an issue which I hope someone can assist (or point me in the right direction)

My building had SCCM installed and was the only site in the company. We recently acquired another company and they had the newest SCCM environment so the decision was made to have them as the main site and set us up as a DP.

The DP was setup here and everything was setup and was looking great, I ran the below script (with the correct site name) and it worked fine, the machines picked up the new site code and were showing in "new" Configuration Manager Console.

On Error Resume Next
set oSMSClient = CreateObject ("Microsoft.SMS.Client")
if Err.Number <>0 then
wscript.echo "Could not create SMS Client Object - quitting"
end if
'Assign client to Servername
oSMSClient.SetAssignedSite "SITECODE",0
set oSMSClient=nothing

The last couple of days, when i add machines, they are no longer being picked up by the new Configuration Manager Console. They pick up the site code and the assigned management point but are not being seen in the new Configuration Manager Console.

Below is the log from exermgr.log

Raising event:
[SMS_CodePage(850), SMS_LocaleID(2057)]
instance of SoftDistProgramCompletedSuccessfullyEvent
	AdvertisementId = "XXX200AC";
	ClientID = "GUID:XXX";
	DateTime = "20170504115048.531000+000";
	MachineName = "XXX";
	PackageName = "XXX002DC";
	ProcessID = 4864;
	ProgramName = "SiteCode_Change";
	SiteCode = "XXX";
	ThreadID = 1712;
	UserContext = "NT AUTHORITY\\SYSTEM";
	execmgr	04/05/2017 12:50:48	1712 (0x06B0)
Raised Program Success Event for Ad:XXX200AC, Package:XXX002DC, Program: SiteCode_Change	execmgr	04/05/2017 12:50:48	1712 (0x06B0)
Execution is complete for program SiteCode_Change. The exit code is 0, the execution status is Success	execmgr	04/05/2017 12:50:48	1712 (0x06B0)

I have checked boundrys and the network team have said they haven't changed anything so I'm a bit perplexed.

Any help appreciated.


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