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Morning everyone,

I'm looking for a better idea in how to deploy post task after the OSD task sequence is completed. We have several locations that require post scripts and additional software and will like to create a single task sequence with some sort of automation to deploy parts of the task sequence based on gateway or hostname prefix. I currently do my OSD automation by customizing the CustomSettings.ini file which works great, but post OSD I haven't been able to find a intuitive way to get this done. I did use the ZTI gather and Customsettings.ini file during this post task but it add more time to the post task sequence since it has to copy the MDT files to the machine first. 


any ideas, suggestions or link to how it's been done before will be much appreciated. 

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How can I dynamically figure out the location, for example.. 

let's say i wanted to add a condition to deploy a Group based on gateway or prefix of computer name. What would be the best variable to use that will give me this type of automation?

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I figure it out. I'm using my customsettings.ini file which is how I determined Region and Locations based on gateway and copy the ztigather.wsf, ZTIDataAccess.vbs, ZTIGather.xml, ZTIUtility.vbs and customsettings.ini. 

1. Created a package with these files

2. replicated to DP's

3. Created Task Sequence with a run command line and selecting the new package

4. added command line "cscript ztigather.wsf"

5. added MySite variable to the groups created in the TaskSequence

When I deploy the Task Sequence it run the ztigather.wsf setting all my variables based on the customsettings.ini file, this then determines the region and site based on gateway and it runs the appropriate section based on the variables.

hope this helps someone out there. 

TS by Location.PNG

TS by Location2.PNG

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