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Hi all!

So I am working to migrate my old SCCM 2012 R2 install to a new server while also upgrading to the 1702 version on a new Server 2016 install.  I have the new server setup and upgraded to 1702.  I also upgraded my old system to the 1606 version.  Before I actually migrate my data, I am trying to do some cleanup on the old server so I don't bring over all the extra "fluff" that I don't need from the old system.  So, thankfully, I am trying the new ContentLibraryCleanup tool in 1702 and running it against my "old" 1606 install.  The tool seems to run fine, but I am getting the following error and, thus, not able to run the full tool:


Analyzing local files, 100.00 % complete...
Loading package data from provider...
Loading local package data...
Analyzing local files, 98.82 % complete...
Loading distributed packages from provider...
System.InvalidOperationException: This content library cannot be cleaned up right now because package SC100020 is not fully installed.
   at Microsoft.ConfigurationManager.ContentLibraryCleanup.CLContentLibrary.LoadDistributedPackagesFromProvider()
   at Microsoft.ConfigurationManager.ContentLibraryCleanup.CLContentLibrary.LoadValidContentData()
   at Microsoft.ConfigurationManager.ContentLibraryCleanup.CLContentLibrary..ctor(String remoteDPFqdn, String primarySiteServerFqdn, String primarySiteCode)
   at Microsoft.ConfigurationManager.ContentLibraryCleanup.Program.Main(String[] args)

Odd thing is that I do not see that Package ID anywhere in SCCM.  After doing some Google searching, I was led to do a SQL query for the package ID and I did in fact find it in the SQL database and it seems to refer to a deployment I made of Adobe Reader a while back. However, I have since retired and then deleted that deployment, so it shouldn't be there anymore I would think to prevent the CleanupTool from running.  

So, the question is: Does anyone know how to get rid of it so that I can succussfully run the ContentCleanupTool before I do my migration?


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