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Can You Share Storage Between 2 DPM Servers?

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We currently have SCDPM 2012R2 installed.
We have recently purchased 2 new servers that has Server 2016 Data Centre installed on it with several Server 2016 VMs on them.
To back these up we require SCDPM 2016.
 At some point we tried to back up a VMWare server we had but this was unsuccessful (due to licensing reasons) so we removed all references to VMWare from SCDPM 2012R2 and have never actually backed any VMWare up.

On trying to upgrade to SCDPM 2016 we are greeted with a lovely Microsoft message saying we can't upgrade as 2016 doesn't currently have VMWare support!  Even though we dont have any active VMWare backups (nor have ever had any) because we tried to configure SCDPM to backup VMWare it has obviously left some remnants in the SQL database that the 2016 installation has spotted and isnt happy with.

The message says updates are coming soon.  This message was first reported on technet around October 2016 - so Microsofts definition of soon is a lot different to mine!

I've been in touch wtih Microsoft and they assure me they are working on a fix for people who want to upgrade and no longer have VMWare backups.


In the meantime how do I back up our new Server 2016 Hyper-V host and it's VMs?  We have a large SAN that is directly attached to our DPM 2012R2 server but we do actually have a fiber switch we could use to share the SAN between different servers.  If we were to install SCDPM 2016 on another server, can we share the storage between both servers?

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