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Windows 10 servicing - scan for incompatible apps

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Whilst testing the 1703  servicing update for Windows 10 i've noticed that in the pre-install stages there is a "scan" carried out by the update process on the client machine to try and detect incompatible applications and a hard stop occurs if an incompatible application is found. This is good, in the sense that it will try and leave a machine in full working order, post-install. The gripe that i have with it though is that the update process needs to be triggered in the first place to find out what incompatible apps are going to prevent the install from finishing successfully.

What i was hoping for was an app/package that i could use to "scan" all my applicable clients before attempting the rollout of the servicing update to see what incompatible apps exist (if any) and re-mediate these issues before beginning a production rollout of the servicing update. Anyone come across something like this?

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