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Distribution Manager Failed to access the source directory

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For some reason this month I'm getting this error message when I try to distribute a newly created update package to our three DPs (one local, two remote). The DPs all have 200gb+ of storage free, so space is not an issue. The CM Primary machine account has full control on the shares and the source directory. I wiped the deployment and the package, re-downloaded the updates from the update group and created a new package.  The package creates fine, but then fails to distribute content to the DPs. If it were a disk issue - either a failing drive or space - I would think it would only be one of the DPs that fails, but it fails on all three. I tried creating a new share for updates, re-creating the permissions, and creating the package there for deployment. Same issue. The distmgr log shows the package being created, snapshots being taken of all the content, then a big error block:


MoveFileW failed for E:\SCCMContentLib\FileLib\099F\099F688145ACC682067E3D449FBB0424A64076B3A658EAB237CEB455D05AD801.INI to C:\SCCMContentLib\FileLib\099F\099F688145ACC682067E3D449FBB0424A64076B3A658EAB237CEB455D05AD801.INI
CFileLibrary::AddFile failed; 0x80070002
CFileLibrary::AddFile failed; 0x80070002    SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER    6/23/2017 1:08:55 PM    12896 (0x3260)
CContentDefinition::AddFile failed; 0x80070002    SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER    6/23/2017 1:08:55 PM    12896 (0x3260)
Failed to add the file. Please check if this file exists.    SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER    6/23/2017 1:08:55 PM    12896 (0x3260)
 TakeContentSnapshot() failed. Error = 0x80070002    SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER    6/23/2017 1:08:55 PM    12896 (0x3260)
The source directory doesn't exist or the 'Configuration Manager' service cannot access it, Win32 last error = 2    SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER    6/23/2017 1:08:55 PM    12896 (0x3260)
Failed to take snapshot for Content with ID 16945373    SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER    6/23/2017 1:08:55 PM    12896 (0x3260)
Failed to take snapshot of one or more contents in package BAM00163    SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER    6/23/2017 1:08:55 PM    12896 (0x3260)

...bunch of Adding content log entries...

Failed to process package BAM00163 after 0 retries, will retry 100 more times    SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER    6/23/2017 1:09:03 PM    12896 (0x3260)

Watching the console after the package contents were downloaded and the wizard completed, the package shows up green, 100% compliant distributed to all three DPs. After the MoveFileW error block shows up, the package goes red with 0% compliance and content status shows Distribution Manager failed to process package.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Solution is to delete the deployment, delete the package, go into C:\SCCMContentLib\FileLib\ and delete the offending directory (099F in this case), re-download the Software Update Group content, re-create the package.

The package distributed to all three DPs normally and I was able to deploy the updates to my testing group, and thus deploy them on time tonight.

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