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Problems with Unknown Computers getting named in OSD?

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I've been having some trouble getting newly imaged computers to accept a new name during OSD using the "OSDComputerName" variable.

First, some history...I had a fully working SCCM environment that worked perfectly with OSD.  Then our cert authority's root cert expired, and everything went to hell.  I had to rebuild SCCM and migrated/exported/imported all objects, including images and task sequences.  That's where we are today.  This is SCCM 1702 with full version 5.00.8498.1711, with MDT integrated (though I have 0 experience doing anything too complex with MDT).

OSD is working, and for known devices the computer is keeping the computer name through use of the "_SMSTSMachineName" variable (see attachment sccm1.png)


For Unknown computers, during OSD I am successfully prompted for the "OSDComputerName" variable, and I can plug it in just fine.  The variable is part of the unknown computers collection (see sccm2.png).  


When OSD completes, the computer receives a "MININT-_______" name and not the name I've given it.  On the old SCCM server, the computers would successfully accept the new name.  This is the result in multiple task sequences (we have 3 copies of the task sequence...one for Win10, one for win7, and a win7 one with customization for a specific purpose).

Per this article I have recreated the task sequence from scratch, but got the same result: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/a8d05720-946c-4960-b978-c517cb56310c/osdcomputername-not-working?forum=configmanagerosd

I have NOT captured a new WIM, I may try that shortly, though I doubt it's the issue.

The task sequence is deployed as "Available" and not "Required."  We have a simple configuration with 1 site and 1 DP.  

I've attached an smsts.log file for one of these deployments.  I don't even see acknowledgement of the computer name I entered when prompted (which begins with SEIU- )I'm totally stumped for next troubleshooting steps and would appreciate any feedback.smsts.log

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It should not be a requirement to use the TS Variable _SMSTSMachineName in order to retain a known system's name with a refresh - CM will do this all by itself.

If this is the same TS that is been used for known and unkown then remove this task sequence variable as per the reason above.

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