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Force Clients to MS Update (Not the DP)

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I have a remote site with 15-20 computers (St Louis).  There is no distribution point or SCCM server in that location.  These clients currently look to another remote site as their distribution server (NY).

Someday, we'll deploy a full DP at the St Louis site.  But for now, I want to distribute windows updates to the St Louis site but have them NOT download updates from the NY DP server.

I could install a DP in St Louis, with essentially no content on it. Point the clients to that DP. Then deploy windows updates to those clients and choose the first "Download software updates from DP and install" and then choose the "Do not install software updates" from the 2nd section of deployment options.  While leaving the checkbox for "if software updates are not available on dp in current.......download from ms updates".

Is there another way to do this, without creating the empty DP in that location?  That site doesn't have the storage space to hold the updates.  Its only got a small DC at the moment.

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I believe that would only work for definition updates, not the monthly patch Tuesday software updates we deploy using SCCM.

I just want to use SCCM to manage the update process and for reporting, but I want the clients to first look to MS update via the internet to download the updates.  As of now...they would look to the distribution point (over the VPN) to download them.



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