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Error 87D00269 installing Applications during TS

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Hi all,

I've created a Task Sequence to deploy a non-domain joined Windows Server 2016 build however it fails whenever trying to install an Application with the following error,
"Failed to run the action: Install Nagios Opsview. 
Required management point not found (Error: 87D00269; Source: CCM)"

I've found this thread on the issue, https://www.windows-noob.com/forums/topic/10746-error-0x87d00269-when-installing-application/ , and I've put a step into the task sequence before the Install Application step to set SMSTSMPListRequestTimeout to 20 minutes (So the value was set to 12000000 as it's in milliseconds) but the error still persists. I'd also seen another mention that when a machine is not domain joined it's not enough to set an SCCM Boundary based on AD sites so I've created an IP Address range boundary for the /23 subnet that the server is connected to, but again this hasn't made any difference.

Packages will deploy/install absolutely fine, it's just when trying to install an Application that it's failing. The Install Application step doesn't take place immediately after a reboot, it's occurring after the step to set the Timeout variable, which occurs after an Install Package step. (There is a Reboot step just before that package install though)

The installation properties I'm using to install the SCCM client during deployment is,
I've also seen a mention of needing to set the SMSSITECODE but if I put that into the Installation properties I get an error that the variable cannot be included in the Task Sequence Editor.

I've attached a screenshot of the log file showing the failure (Though have blanked out the MP name)

Application Failure.JPG

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Can you post the ClientLocation.log and LocationServices.log as well? Have you tried putting a pause step in the TS before this step and opening up a cmd prompt and verifying you can access the MP? Does the Nagios application install correctly in other task sequences? My first thought was NIC driver but you stated that there are a couple reboots before the failure so the driver is loading for the package installs. FQDN of the MP is correct right?

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Looking at the ClientLocation.log I think I see that it's a certificate issue, there are errors for,

Failed in WinHttpReceiveResponse API, ErrorCode = 0x2f0c

Looks like I'll need to speak to some people who aren't back in the office until Friday :)

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