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System Center Update Publisher 2011

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I figured this out yesterday and wanted to share as it may help someone else as the internet failed to help me.

Our SCUP 2011 started to fail to launch. It would show the splash screen then crash a few seconds later. In the Application event log there are two entries .NET framework and App Crash error (No help in these errors).

Monitoring the size of the SCUPDB.SDF file to grew to ~256MB and that is the max size in the SCUP application (I couldn't figure out how to make this limit bigger.) The SQL Compact Edition 3.5 max size is 4GB.

"Fixing it" I used SQL Server Management Studio to load the SCUPDB.SDF file (you have to change the maximum size in SSMS). Then I poked around in the tables and decided to delete a Vendor (Dell) and subsequent products, updates and bundles. (Make a backup of the SCUPDB.SDF file!)

SELECT * FROM Vendors - Take the Id of the Vendor

SELECT * FROM Products WHERE Vendor_Id = 'VENDORID' - Save the Product Id(s)

SELECT * FROM UpdatePackages WHERE Product_Id IN ('PRODUCTID','PRODUCTID') - Use this query in the IN clause in the next query ( SELECT * changes to SELECT PackageId)

SELECT * FROM BundledPackages WHERE UpdatePackage_PackageId IN (SELECT PackageId FROM UpdatePackages WHERE Product_Id IN ('PRODUCTID','PRODUCTID'))

Now I ran these in reverse to delete data from the tables.

DELETE FROM BundledPackages WHERE UpdatePackage_PackageId IN (SELECT PackageId FROM UpdatePackages WHERE Product_Id IN ('PRODUCTID','PRODUCTID'))




Right click on the on the file in the object explorer and select properties. From there run a full database compaction.

In my case I used Dell as the vendor. We never used their updates for drivers and etc. This reduced the file from 256MB to under 70MB.

I hope this helps someone else!

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