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No IP on Last Build & Capture Stage

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Hey Guys / Niall - 

So I'm in the process of revamping our OSD build process and therefore performing a couple of new build & captures.  After creating a pretty much standard task sequence (non-MDT) and having it install a couple of applications, I ran it.  It performs 90% of the TS correctly as it applies the OS, installs applications, etc.  When it reboots to capture, though; it fails when "Initializing Hardware Devices" - opening a command prompt shows no network adapters.  I can understand not having the drivers on the boot image or for Windows, but why not at this point?

It obviously has the boot image drivers or wouldn't have even allowed me to choose the TS and OS has drivers because it wouldn't have installed the applications.  If I let the reboot time out, it boots in Windows mini-setup where after completing initial steps; I load Device Manager and everything's installed!

SMSTS shows that it successfully completes the "Prepare OS" step but after that it's "winhttp failed" and "unknown host"

So far I've tried this in Hyper-V using default & legacy NICs as well as trying on a 640 G1 - all with the same result.  I've also tried using other boot images other than my default MDT x64 one with the same result.  I also tried applying a Driver Package I built a while back which contains Win7x64 drivers imported from Hyper-V. The TS applies an OEM copy of Windows 7 SP1 x64 and I'm using SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 CU4.

Any suggestions?  Thanks!

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