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BIOS install from BIOS recovery file during OSD

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Hi all,

Not sure if this is the right place to ask but will try anyhow.

My college want to do BIOS configuration during OSD (image deployment with MDT) when preparing different Dell PC models to Win10, but I want to use the CCTK tool (from Dell) to do the configuration.

My college will make the necessary configuration manually and then do a BIOS backup, and then during OSD deployment make a recovery from the backup for each model. I want to use the tool CCTK in WinPE and then do one configuration at a time with the necessary commands/parameters for "Legacy to UEFI, Enable SecureBoot, Enable virtualization,Enable/active TPM".

Which of these two suggestion would be best to prepare the BIOS to Windows 10 installation?

Best Regards,

Daniel Skaaning

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