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"The ConfigMgr administrator has disabled the Remote Control feature for this machine" - errr, no we didn't

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Hi, all.  Scratching my head here, and hoping someone has some insight on this.

Sometime between last Thursday and yesterday, Remote Control stopped working on at least one device in a remote office.  The service instantly disables if it's manually changed back to Automatic (delayed).
It does fall within a boundary used for site assignment.  Remote Control settings are set at both the default policy level and in a policy applied to a device collection this thing is in, both set to allow.

CmRcService.log claims that 

The ConfigMgr administrator has disabled the Remote Control feature for this machine, Remote Control Service will be disabled now.

Which... no.  We didn't.

Resultant client settings look fine, showing RC should be enabled.

PolicySpy looked all wrong, though.  Requested/Machine/Settings only had five things in there, and none of them are CCM_RemoteToolsConfig.  Actual/Machine/Settings... I don't remember.

I went as far as removing and reinstalling the client yesterday afternoon.  It wanted a reboot but the user was in the middle of stuff.  I used sendschedule to tell it to do a machine policy cycle, which claimed to have succeeded.  After that,  either Requested/Machine/Settings actually looked normal, or I was looking at the wrong PolicySpy window. :\

As of this morning, it's not working, and PolicySpy results look all wrong.  Requested/Machine/Settings only has five things still, and while Actual/Machine/Settings has a ton of stuff, the RemoteToolsConfig branch is missing.

Sendschedule /L only comes back with five things (Request Machine Assignments, Evaluate Machine Policies, Refresh Default MP Task, Machine Policy Agent Cleanup, Policy Agent Validate Machine Policy / Assignment, Retrying/Refreshing certificates in AD on MP).  Sending any of them returns a success, but nothing ever changes.  LocationServices.log looks good.   Last Activity in the console updates periodically (right now showing the timestamp of when I sent the Evaluate Machine Policies schedule).


Anyone know what the heck I'm looking for, here?

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Update of a sort:

Yesterday -

  • ran ccmsetup /uninstall and watched uninstall log and event log for completion
  • Rebooted when it finished
  • removed ccmsetup folder and remnants of ccm folder
  • Verified with WBEMtest that root\sms no longer existed.
  • Pushed install from server
  • stepped back to give things some soak time

Today - 

  • same old nonsense
  • CmRcService insta-disables itself and logs that we've disabled it
  • SendSchedule.exe /L only returns six things
  • sending it an Evaluate Machine Policy schedule says it's successful, but nothing changes, and PolicyEvaluator.log instantly shows "Settings update not required. No changes detected."
  • PolicySpy against it still missing most stuff it should have, but does show three advertisements under CCM_SoftwareDistribution

Other systems in the same remote office are fine.

I still can't make heads or tails of this.  Anyone got any ideas?

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