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Hello Everyone,

I want to get in the habit of cleaning up my SUGs created by my ADRs.  I'd like to do this every 6 months but I've run into a problem.  Within one of my ADRs, for example, I have the following set for the 'Title' options:

  1. -Preview
  2. -Security Only Quality Update
  3. -Security Only Update
  4. -x86

If I want to roll-up updates from the last 6 months into a single SUG, I am unable to enter in these items for the 'Title' option when searching from the 'Software Updates' node.  I can only choose one.

Aside from that, what is the best practice for rolling up these patches?  Do I delete the SUGs, delete the content within the current package, and then when the next ADR runs things will have a fresh start?  

My SCEP ADR uses the same SUG so what is the best method of cleaning that up?

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