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Updates Not Deploying After Enabling Automatic Update Rule

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Hello Community Peeps!


Hoping someone could help me out. I started working at this company who has an Windows Updates Automatic deployment Rule

Configured to create a update package after patch Tuesday. I last enabled it to deploy updates back in May and everything went fine. From what I can remember all I did was right click enabled and it kicked off on schedule. Well yesterday 08/18/2017 at 4:30 CST I set the "Software Available Time" for 08/19/2017 12:00 am and the "Installation deadline" for 08/19/2017 5:00 am and enabled it right before I left work. This was a last minute change because I was requested to deploy updates a couple days before. 

Could there be some additional pushing to a DP that I need to do? I thought this was also specified when you first create the Automatic Deployment Rule:

Got home about an hour later and logged into some of the servers to see if anything happened. Nothing. I also ran the following reports:

Compliance 1 - Overall Compliance

States 1 - Enforcement State for a Deployment

Looking at the properties of the deployment I can tell you the following about the configuration:

1) It creates updates group of security patches for servers only

2) It schedules deployment based on Client local time since this is a global company

3) It points it to a collection that has  all of our servers

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Have you checked the whether updates are actually being downloaded to the server? Have a look in the folder where the Windows Updates are kept and see if there are the latest updates. 


If you create a manual Windows update deployment package does that work?

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Hi Mashood! 

Thanks for the reply. I haven't tried to create a another package but am planning on it. Could you point me to the location of the following? 

1) Location of updates on target device

2) Locations of updates package on distribution point

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Location of updates on target device will be;


On target devices c:\windows\ccmcache  


On the server it'll be wherever you specified the updates package to be. I've setup a ADR which will automatically download Endpoint updates. on the d:\ drive. See screenshot. 


Check both of these directories on the client and the server to see if anything current is being pushed through. 






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