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Brief and to the point, ConfigMGR CB1702 w/MDT 8443 integrated. Deploying Windows 7 x64 w/SP1 virgin WIM with however KMDF, NVME injected. Deploying to Dell hardware (Latitude 7280, 7440,etc.) in UEFI mode using either NVME or SSD hard drives. Nic is Intel I219-LM, driver e1d65x64 versions 12 – 22.

After WinPE phase and Windows 7 does OOBE, reboots. Windows does a little more automatic setup and the T.S. continues and starts Setup Windows and ConfigMGR step. Pressing F8 now or 1hr later (yes, literally this takes that long if computer has no IP) ipconfig shows a 169.x.x.x address. I launch device manager from the command prompt here, and the NIC drivers are loaded. Ipconfig/renew does work and gets an IP and then all is well.

Any ideas why Windows isn’t pulling an IP at the Setup Windows and ConfigMGR step? I’ve tried configuring the network settings step to pull DHCP, a restart step after drivers which only causes the T.S. to fail, new T.S., different Vlans, net cables, numerous drivers from Intel and Dell and even extracted drivers from a prebuilt system from Dell. No joy. My Windows 10 deployments work just fine and so was this Windows 7 until flash drives showed up. And yes my VM’s build just fine. This definitely points to something to do with the Nic, but what?

‘Really need your help.


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