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Plan to update exe file - thoughts?

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Hi all,


finally going to deploy my first app to a live team, just wanted your thoughts on my thought process on how best to do this!

the program often (fortnightly mostly) gets an updated .EXE file with a new version number. no other files in the program files directory change. 

  • i would like to run a required app deployment with a bat file that runs if the version number is not the latest.
  • user A checks software center for updated app and runs the program to update it.
  • program now up to date with latest version.

as they use this straight away when they log on, i will set a custom settings on this group to check for deployments every 10 or so mins (25 users).


when the new version is available, remove the deployment and then re-deploy with the new version number.


does that sound like its good practice? thanks :)




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4 hours ago, GarthMJ said:

ok, I will bite, if the exe updates every 14 days, why don't you force it to upgrade any week? Why jump thur the extra hoops?

I would not set the policies to check every 10 minutes, you are begging for trouble.


Hi Garth, 


thanks for the Bite , the exe file is on average updated every few weeks. im not sure what you mean by force it to upgrade?


the 2nd bit, perhaps that's too often, if they log on and its not up to date they are unable to do any work... so not sure how often would be best to be on the quickest but also not hammering the sccm server for application checks?


thanks again


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