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Hi everyone,

I am attempting to do my first UEFI-based SCCM install for Windows 10x64 for my firm.
Previously, we had Windows 7x86 installed on these devices, and everything worked fine.


Attached is the driver list that i am currently using in my x64 boot disk.

When I try to do the bootup - I get the below message...

Status: 0xc0000001
Info: A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed

Any ideas? 

Thank you in advance.

Boot Image x64 driver list.JPG

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1 minute ago, adurrant said:

Is secure boot turned on within the BIOS? Also that's the status of CSM within the BIOS? It does sound like a BIOS setting to me... worth checking it over.

The BIOS is set to Legacy Support Disable and Secure Boot Enable. It has been saved so is set to that at each machine boot up.

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1 hour ago, adurrant said:

Can you show me your DHCP options on the network? In particular option 67.



47 minutes ago, simulacra75 said:

DHCP Options are not supported by Microsoft. You're better off setting up IP Helpers on your switches instead. More info here

We don't use PXE presently, our machines are being built via USB boot stick hence why I thought it may be a driver issue of some kind?

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