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Configuring BitLocker in Intune - Part 2. Automating Encryption

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ok here's the USER version of the msi with my 3 edited scripts added, i've not tested it, that's up to you so go ahead and test it and if I need to fix something let me know,

Download the User version of the MSI here: TriggerBitlockerUser.msi



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Hello Niall,

Thanks for the script. Installation with Intune works great.

I'm using the script in the USER context, deployed a machine with AutoPilot with a non-admin user.

The task in Tak Scheduler however runs in the Users context, which fails. When I adjust to run in the SYSTEM context the task runs succesfully and Bitlocker is enabled. Can you make an adjustment ro run the script in the right context? Or am I missing something?

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Hi Niall,

yes I did! Here are the steps I took.

- MSI gets deployed and installed without an issue
- Scheduled Tasks are created
-  I adjusted install time manually using an Admin account
- At time of installation the log file shows an Exception Message: Access Denied message.

I see that the Scheduled task is executed in the USERS context, is that correct?
When I change to SYSTEM, the task is successfully being executed.

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