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Computer not showing up in collection

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Here is the scenario.  Please read the entire post  before responding.

Sccm 2012 recently updated to the latest release.

Device collection with a Query rule to retrieve computers based on a certain condition.

Collection and query rule built prior to the upgrade.

Collection limited to All Systems

I create a Direct Rule under the Membership Rules for that collection and add a device.

I select the device and it does show up in the Membership Rules 

After closing the window, refreshing the collection, Updating Membership AND waiting overnight, the member count DOES NOT change and  my direct add machine DOES NOT appear in the collection

I go back in to the collection Properties / Membership Rules and it IS listed there as the Direct entry, along with my Query rule that was previously added

The device in question is present in All Systems (it is my workstation)


2nd testing step


Did a direct add of my machine

Collection shows zero entries following update and refresh

Added two other random machines

Collection shows zero entries following update and refresh

Rebooting the sccm server has no impact.

This is only one of the symptoms of some issue indicating that  it is NOT just collection related. Another symptom relates to updating distribution points after adding new drivers.  The update completes but the date and time stamp on the Content status DOES NOT reflect the update that was executed.  Even when waiting overnight.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


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One addition.  It does appear that after I reboot the SCCM server the device DOES NOW appear in the collection AND the Content status properly updates and is available.  However, a REBOOT is REQUIRED every time a change like this is made.  That WAS NOT and SHOULD NOT be the case.

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