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Problems with task sequence not installing software

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I have been having issues only on some models of task sequences.  What happens in this instance I have a Dell Optiplex 5050 and I have a good known task sequence working in our environment that I use on other models we have.  

I take the task sequence copy it rename it to the model  and then go to the vendor and download the driver package, create the driver package in SCCM distribute the content to the DP and then add it to the task sequence.

What is happening it is only installing the OS and it does not proceed to the other steps like joining the domain, installing the software list in the task sequence.  However it does install the Configuration Manager Client on the system.

When I run the task sequence after trying several things I decided i would watch the whole process so I sat in front of the screen and it looking like everything was being installed it looks like all the steps went through without any errors.

When the system reboots I can logon as local admin but there is no software install or domain joined.  I look into the device manager and it appears that the drivers installed.  

I am at a loss here.  I may take the same model and it may work.  This has happened to me with other models I have had.  

If anyone can shed some light on what the issue could be it would be greatly appreciated.

I have attached a screenshot of the task sequence for you viewing.





Note:  In the task sequence you will see the install application step greyed out I thought it may be the reason why the software packages were not installing due to the fact they were under the one step so I added each software package as a individual step as you can see.








task sequence.png

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