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Remote DP failed to distribute content

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Hi guys,

Having a slight issue trying to get a remote DP up and running, as far as I am aware i have set this up correctly. I installed the IIS role on the new server before i ran the DP install to this server from the primary server. I installed all the pre reqs that the web seems to state across various articles i.e WMI compatibility etc. Opened up firewall ports 445/135/49152-65535 on the new DP server and also installed the WDS server role but I didnt set the PXE option up during the DP setup as i was planing on doing this later.

The primary server console is saying Distribution point installation\upgrade successfully completed but then after this its stating Failed to distribute content. I have checked the distmgr.log but i cant really see where I have gone wrong. There are errors in there but I am just a little confused by them. I have successfully mapped a network drive from the new DP server to where the primary servers DP content is located so I know the server has access to the files it needs to pull down.

Would appreciate any help on where I am going wrong. I have attached my distmgr.log for reference.

Thanks all.




It appears to have just started to work fine, very odd indeed not sure what was going on here!

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