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Known "Unknown" computer during OSD

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Hi All, 

Recently we started experiencing issues with our OSD process creating an "Unknown" computer object with the PC's MAC address as soon as the first "Next" button is clicked at the Welcome to the Task Sequence Wizard screen causing the built to present the "There are not task sequences available for this computer" error. We advertise our task sequences ONLY to the x86/x64 unknown computer objects, so as soon as this object is created in the database the TS availability fails. We are running SCCM 1706 (5.00.8540.1500).


Object Properties:
Agent Name: "Heartbeat Discovery"
Client: NO
Client Type: Computer
Decommissioned: No
MAC Addresses: "A4:4C:C8:0A:C0:2C"
Name: Unknown
NetBIOS Name: Unknown
Resource Type: System
Unknown Computer: 1

Attached is the SMSts.log file for review. Any help is greatly appreciated! 



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Figured it out, there was a system that had taken the same GUID as the SMS_Unique_Identifier0 for x64 Unknown Computer. Here is the query we used to track down the offending object. After deleting the offending computer all systems can see the available task sequences... 

WQL Query (SCCM Console Query):

Select SMS_R_System.ResourceID, SMS_R_System.Name, SMS_R_System.SMSUniqueIdentifier
From SMS_R_System
Join SMS_R_UnknownSystem
 On SMS_R_System.SMSUniqueIdentifier = SMS_R_UnknownSystem.SMSUniqueIdentifier

SQL Query: 

	v_R_System s
	v_R_UnknownSystem us ON s.SMS_Unique_Identifier0 = us.SMS_Unique_Identifier0

I hope this helps anyone else that runs across this problem. 


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