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Features on Demand and SCCM

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I'm having a hard time wrapping by head around how machines are supposed to get content for adding features in an environment with SCCM.  I know I can apply a group policy that sets a the Repair Source to a network location but as I understand it, enabling the Windows 10 Features on Demand product on the software update point should make those files available in SCCM.  Is the WSUS\SCCM source only used when I want to push these features to new machines via Software Updates?  Do I still need to maintain a network repair source for one off occasions when a user goes to add a feature to their machine? 

Issues I'm currently seeing: Windows Update is blocked in our environment, when someone tries to add a feature from the the Turn Windows features on or off window it never finishes and hangs on  "Downloading required features".  Do I have to maintain a repair source and point clients to it?  Second, I see lots Software Updates available in SCCM for Feature On Demand (i.e. FeatureOnDemandInternetExplorer, FeatureOnDemandDotNet35, etc) but not any to install Hyper-V.  How can I push Hyper-V to existing machines via Software Update?  As it stands today, people can't install it themselves because of the first issue and I don't see a way to push it via Software Updates.  

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