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How do you guys manage the Surface Pro drivers?
We have a couple hundred Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4 devices.

Now that I want to deploy W10 1709 I had a hard time figuring out which drivers to download for this version due to the stupid and extremely confusing versioning of these driver packages.
For instance, the latest driver pack for the SP 4 is called "SurfacePro4_Win10_15063_1704201_0.zip".
So by looking at the filename you would guess that it's only for W10 1703.

Turns out, according to this blog post, it states that the driver pack with that name is for W10 1709 or above.


We've released updated drivers and firmware for Surface Book and for Surface Pro 4 devices running Windows 10 Creators Update or above.


Do you import the drivers from the ZIP and create a driver package?
If so, how often do you update the package?
I did that before and quite often I had issues with the devices (not returning from sleep, freezing at Surface logo, etc...).

Or do you guys just deploy the MSI?
This would be much much easier. But not sure whether this is best-practice.

Another question is:
When installing the MSI or the driver package, I also install the actual firmware (UEFI, Touc, etc...).
Reinstalling the same device will install the firmware again.
Is that harmful?
I thought that the Firmware can only be installed once, but I see the Firmware upgrade screen every time.

I can't install the drivers via WSUS as we don't have Server 2016. And I don't really want to do that migration yet.


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