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standalone wds works but pxe not on windows server 2016

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Hello All,

I am following the SCCM CB guide by Niall Brady.

AD01 - DC+DHCP+DNS -running WS 2016

CM01 - SCCM +PXE -running WS 2016, SCCM CB 1702, ADK 1702, SQL 2016

I am facing weird issue while setting up OS deployment.. The PXE server is not responding to unknown computers. I have done below to rectify the issue:

  • Manually imported MAC and GUID into SCCM
  • Removed WDS server manually, deleted RemoteInstall folder,Restarted SCCM server. Re-enabled WDS then PXE role re-added.
  • Ensured Boot WIM is deployed to DP from DataSource Tab making it availbale for PXE booting

Still when I boot Gen1 or Gen2 Hyper-V machine, no PXE booting happens. I am seeing DHCP Failed message on screen while DHCP is functional.

I even tried same setup using Virtualbox thinking issue with Hyper-v but issue persists on VirtualBox as well.

What I observed that if I setup below, standalone WDS works flawlessly, machines are getting IP address, boot images are downloading.

AD01 - DC+DHCP+DNS (running WS 2016)

WDS01 - WDS (running WS 2016)

Not sure, what happens when PXE is enabled. This was always worked earlier but recently facing issue when tried on SCCM CB 1702/1706/1710.

Any help is highly appreciated as I am wasting countless hours troubleshooting this since last week.



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Hi Niall,

Thanks but fortunately issue got resolved now. I confirmed on Hyper-v and Virtual box as well.

Apparently issue was with wds installation done by pxe. When I installed wds manually, it worked. But I have tried this earlier also bu not worked but this time I tried step by step and it worked.

Thanks again.

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