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Update BIOS firmware on different models of DELL Desktops/Laptops

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Hello IT Geeks,

I have a task got assigned by my boss to update the BIOS firmware on all the systems in company. which included different types of laptop and desktops models likewise, OptiPlex 7010/9010/9050 and Latitude E6450/7440 etc.. I would like to ask your support/help to do the risk analysis and the best way to doing this?

I have pull the report from SCCM and found that we have barely 5000+ objects. It would be really nice if you can explain the workflow to carry this out smoothly? 

1) How can i check what is the latest BIOS firmware version available for specific model?
2) Do i need to create application package for user based install or classic package for device based install?
3) How many types of collection do i need to create? 
4) We have many offices globally so how this deployments needs to roll out on global location?
5) What are the things i should keep in mind first ? OS Overview/Impact, Updates and patches available, Potential actions, and best approach?

Any help would be appreciated?

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Hi Roshan,

The first thing you want to download is Dell CCTK or now known as Command Configure as this is the programme you use to manipulate the BIOS on Dell computers.  

The easy part in some respects in some respects is SCCM because once you have your command lines by using CCTK or Command Centre these can be added to SCCM.

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