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Password protect a TS in Software Center?

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Is there a way to password protect a OS Task Sequence? Currently, the only time it is password protected is when initiated through PXE Boot. 

What I’d like to be able to do is have my TS deployed and in Software Center, if you try to run it, it’ll ask for a password before starting the sequence.


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So, reading through the forums, I found an almost 9 year old thread about this topic to use an HTA. From what it seems, it just protects when it goes into PXE Boot? Or am I misreading that? 

Basically, I just need an HTA to pop up and ask for a password before running the OSD TS. I don’t need to name the computer or anything else.

any help is appreciated. I’ve already had one user wipe and fresh install Win10 on their computer.

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Perhaps my blog post on locking down a task sequence to an AD security group will be of interest to you.


I haven't tested it from the Software Centre but I imagine it wouldn't be difficult to adapt it to make it work. 

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